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Palletwrap Biodegradable clear 23micron 50cm x 400m - Biowrap

Palletwrap Biodegradable clear 23micron 50cm x 400m - Biowrap
Pallet Wrap 23 Micron, Biodegradable.

Landfill-biodegradable hand stretch wrap can be recycled or disposed of in the general rubbish bin. Once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90%+ faster than conventional hand stretch wrap, producing an organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics.

Colour: Clear
Carton: Carton of 4 rolls
Size: 50cm
Thickness: 23 micron
Length: 400m

Application: Fits standard handwrap holders

Recyclable: approved for soft plastic recycling

Carton 4 rolls

Biowrap offers the logical solution

Landfill-biodegradable plastic products:

– Are affordable and a practical solution

– Are all about ‘convenience’ and designed for ‘time poor’ consumers
(who are mindful of their impact on the environment)

– Can be either reusable or recyclable

– Biodegrades 90%+ faster than conventional plastics, biodegrading under typical landfill environmental conditions
(much faster than traditional plastics which take hundreds of years to biodegrade)

– The methane produced from accelerated landfill-biodegradable plastics can be captured within the time frame the landfill is actively managed,
rather than being released into the atmosphere over hundreds of years after the landfill has closed and stopped being managed.
This captured methane can be used for fuel and energy production

– Biodegradation of plastic is achieved by enabling microorganisms to metabolize (i.e. break down) the molecular structure of the plastic,
which produces a humus-like material (organic matter) which is a natural plant fertiliser and a biogas

– Do not fragment into microplastics during biodegradation
Landfill-biodegradable technology

Landfill-biodegradable products are made by combining traditional plastic with an organic additive. The biodegradation only begins when the plastic is exposed to a microbe-rich environment, such as a landfill. The additive attracts microbes to the plastic and they start to digest it. As they do this, the enzymes (the microbes secrete) break the carbon bonds in the plastic molecule allowing the microbes to digest them for their energy. As more enzymes are secreted, more atoms are removed from the plastic molecule (called depolymerisation) which the microbes can digest. As this process continues, the plastic molecule is broken down and digested away.

The biodegradability of plastic can be confirmed by comparing biodegradation results from an independent laboratory using either ASTM D5511, ASTM D5526 or Bio-Methane Potential (BMP) tests.

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NZ$ 147.36 excluding GST
NZ$ 169.46 including GST
Carton 4 rolls
BW Pallet23mu50x400CLEAR
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