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  • Cord Cover Carpet - Glomesh
    The Cord Cover (Carpet) protects electrical leads where they run across carpets and has the very important benefit of preventing trips and stumbles. Too often such electrical or computer leads are left snaking across a carpet and create trip hazards. Now, with Cord Cover, that problem can be resolved easily, quickly and inexpensively.

    Cord Cover consists of a tough 1m long x 0.1m wide, flexible vinyl strip with carpet-gripping Velcro along both of the long sides. The cord is laid on the carpet and the Cord Cover placed over the cord with the Velcro attaching the cover to the carpet on either side of the cord. In addition to the standard 1m lengths, it is also available in rolls of 10m and 30m for cutting to length as required.

    Suitable for use on loop pile carpet.

    Suitable Environment Dry ' suitable for Loop Pile Carpet only
    Compound: Rubber
    Customisation: Level available in standard sizes
    Colour: Black
    Thickness: 10mm
    Standard Mat Sizes:
    FA PMCC01BK: 1.0m x 0.1m (Length x Width)
    FA PMCC10BK: 10m x 0.1m (Length x Width)
    NZ$ 28.31 Each
    NZ$ 32.56 incl GST
  • Cord Cover Hard Floor - Glomesh
    The Cord Cover (Hard Floors) is suitable for covering cables and cords that traverse hard floors such as wooden floor boards or tiled surfaces etc. reducing trip hazards. The 1m long rubber sections interlock to easily form extended cable and cord protection. It has bevelled edges that allow for light wheeled traffic to pass over. Capable of housing multiple electric cables simultaneously.

    Suitable Environment: Dry
    Compound: Rubber
    Customisation Level: available in standard sizes
    Colour: Black
    Thickness: 10mm

    Standard Mat Sizes: 1.0m x 0.1m
    NZ$ 47.85 Each
    NZ$ 55.03 incl GST
  • Corrugated Switchboard Mat - Glomesh
    The Corrugated Switch Board Insulating Mat reduces the risk of electrical shock in environments with high voltage electric current. Composed of 6.5mm thick, solid rubber with a corrugated surface, this non-conductive mat provides protection up to a Dielectric Rating of 30,000 volts, with a Proof Testing to 20,000 Volts and a recommended use to 17,000 volts. This mat is ideal for use at switchboards or electrical control panels, near fuse boxes and at all high voltage electrical equipment.

    The mats have even been considered for water utility workers who, from time-to-time, find water stand pipes used as earth connections, resulting in electrical shocks from faulty equipment.

    - Rubber matting insulates against electircal shock
    - Complies with AS/NZS 2978-1995 and ASTM S 178-01-2005
    - Dielectric Rating 30,000 Volts
    - Proof Tested 20,000 Volts
    - Recommended usage 17,000 Volts

    Where to use:
    - Industrial/office workstation mats designed for specific purposes.
    - Near fuse boxes
    - at Control Panels
    - in front of Switchboards
    - at High Voltage Electrical Equipment

    Suitable Environment: Dry
    Compound: Fiber
    Customisation Level: available in standard sizes
    Colour: Black
    Thickness: 6.5mm
    Full Rolls Sizes: 10m x 0.9m (Length x Width)

    NZ$ 1,399.08 Each
    NZ$ 1,608.94 incl GST
  • Kneeling Mat - Glomesh
    The Knee Ease Kneeling Mat is perfect for tradespeople or the home handyman. It is made from high density closed cell foam which relieves the pressure of hard or rough floors on knees.
    It is portable and light weight to carry and transport ' it has a built-in hand grip. Suitable as an WH&S accessory relieving knee pain and back stress.

    Suitable Environment: Dry
    Compound: Rubber
    Customisation Level: available in standard sizes
    Colour: Black, Blue
    Thickness: 15mm
    Standard Mat Sizes: 0.5m x 0.375m (Length x Width)
    NZ$ 22.35 Each
    NZ$ 25.70 incl GST
  • Safewalk Mats - Black - Glomesh
    The Safewalk Anti-fatigue Mat is a rubber mat that has many of the virtues of much more expensive mats yet is available at a very economical price. A key feature of this black mat is the the low profile moulded-in ramps on all four sides – a safety feature that reduces the prospect of trips and stumbles.
    In addition, the 12mm thick mat has large drainage holes to ensure that there is no standing in spilt liquids, and is a perfect workstation size at 1.5 x 0.9m The resilient rubber ensures foot comfort during long periods of standing. All of this is achieved despite its extremely economical pricing.

    Where to Use: Wherever matting requires good drainage at individual workstations.
    - Industrial workstations
    - Machine Shops
    - Print Shops
    - Potwash Sinks

    - Economy Mat for General Use
    - Low profile moulded-in ramps on all four side for safety
    - Individual workstation size
    - Rubber anti-fatigue mat with large drainage holes for excellent drainage

    Suitable Environment: Dry, Wet
    Compound: Rubber
    Customisation Level: Full Custom (Length, Width, Shape)
    Colour: Black
    Thickness: 12mm
    Standard Mat Sizes: 0.9m x 1.5m (Length x Width)
    NZ$ 71.99 Each
    NZ$ 82.79 incl GST
    Out Of Stock
  • SparkSafe Welding Mat Rolls - Glomesh
    The Spark Safe Welding Mat is designed specifically for use in welding areas, the thick surface expertly repels sparks and hot metal shards. It offers extra durability in heavy use situations and has a higher melt point of 285' Fahrenheit.

    Its super resilient Nitricell sponge base is a PVC/Nitrile rubber blend that offers immediate rebound and unparalleled support and comfort during long, strenuous shifts.

    Suitable Environment: Dry
    Compound: Fibre
    Customisation Level: available in standard sizes
    Colour: Black
    Thickness: 10mm
    Standard Mat Sizes 18.3m x 0.9m (Length x Width)
    NZ$ 6,617.97 Each
    NZ$ 7,610.67 incl GST
  • Under-Desk Mats - Chairmats - Glomesh
    The Under-desk Chairmat enables you to move your chair with ease. It saves wear and tear on carpets and prevents carpet pile from being gathered in chair castors. Back strain is prevented when moving across the floor. Chair Mats are available in two sizes: 900mm x 1200mm and 1100mm x 1300mm. You may find cheaper chair mats, but when you compare quality, durability, you won’t find a better value Chair Mat.

    - Prevents carpet wear from chair castors and feet
    - Allow chair to move freely
    - Spike anchors under the mat hold the mat in position on carpeted surfaces
    - Bevelled edges for safety

    Where to use:
    Industrial/office workstation mats designed for specific purposes.
    - Offices
    - Front Desks
    - Home Computer Areas

    Suitable Environment: Dry
    Colour: Translucent

    Standard Mat Sizes:
    1.219m x 0.914m (Length x Width)
    1.34m x 1.14m (Length x Width)
    NZ$ 118.50 Each
    NZ$ 136.28 incl GST

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