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  • 6� Knife - Natural white - Biopak
    Our PSM cutlery is made from 70% plant starch and 30% polypropylene. All our cutlery has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional plastic.

    Product size: 152.5mm L x 18mm W x 0mm H
    Pieces per carton: 1,000
    Pieces per sleeve: 50
    Carton size: 31cm L x 22.5cm W x 21cm H
    Carton total weight: 4.5kg
    Made from a Plastarch - a hybrid bioplastic sourced from China-based Shanghai Ecopsm Tech
    NZ$ 48.94 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 56.28 incl GST
  • 6� Knife - White - Biopak
    Our bioplastic cutlery is produced from starch sourced from non-GMO crops. All our cutlery has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional plastic.

    Product size: 152.5mm L x 18mm W x 0mm H
    Pieces per carton: 1,000
    Pieces per sleeve: 50
    Carton size: 31cm L x 22.5cm W x 16cm H
    Carton total weight: 4.2kg
    NZ$ 74.63 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 85.82 incl GST
  • Birchwood Cutlery - Knife 14cm - Epicure
    Birchwood Knife 14cm

    - Ideal for unique food presentation.
    - Untreated birch wood
    - Environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, compostable.

    Carton 1000

    The Green Bean collection of stylish single-use products for serving food, has a smart contemporary look and feel and comprises plates, cutlery, skewers, party picks, chopsticks and cones.

    Green Bean eco-tableware is made from un-treated, renewable woods including bamboo, white pine, birch, poplar and black willow.
    The range is disposable, biodegradable and compostable. It is not classed as resource intensive to manufacture and is non-toxic on break down.

    Green Bean eco-tableware is perfect for posh or casual parties, picnics and barbecues.
    NZ$ 53.69 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 61.74 incl GST
  • Emperor Heavy Duty Knife White (PP) - UniPak
    Robust, it's curved and shaped to look stylish for any occasion.

    (mm unless shown different)
    185 L
    NZ$ 59.14 Carton 2000
    NZ$ 68.01 incl GST
  • Emperor Regular Duty Knife Black (PS) - UniPak
    The Emperor Cutlery range incorporates regular and premium heavy duty Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS) knives, forks and spoons.

    (mm unless shown different)
    170 L
    NZ$ 40.46 Carton 2000
    NZ$ 46.53 incl GST
  • Emperor Regular Duty Knife White (PS) - UniPak
    Our regular duty polystyrene cutlery is supplied in packs of 100, perfect for dining setting or takeaway solution.

    (mm unless shown different)
    155 L
    NZ$ 11.90 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 13.69 incl GST
  • Knife CPLAWHITE Carton 1000 - Green Choice
    Green Choice white CPLA cutlery is very popular in NZ markets. The knives are well constructed and stylish. They are made of CPLA, a plant-based plastic, and not a petroleum-based plastic. As food contamination is not a problem, used cutlery can be sent to a landfill (to eventually breakdown into plant matter) or sent to a commercial composting centre (for conversion into compost).

    165L mm
    NZ$ 79.80 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 91.77 incl GST
  • Knife Compostable 16.5cm - Ecoware
    16.5cm compostable knives.

    Ingeo bioplastic has physical characteristics and performance tailored for high heat cutlery use and can tolerate up to 85C. This means it will remain sturdy when used for both hot and cold foods.
    NZ$ 94.00 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 108.10 incl GST
  • Natural Tableware Wooden Cutlery Knife - Epicure
    Natural Tableware Wooden Cutlery Knife
    183 mm
    "The Natural Alternative" Natural Cutlery is the premium natural alternative to standard silverware.
    The simple and contemporary design makes Natural Cutlery the ideal choice for any occasion.
    Natural Cutlery is made from so-called "rest wood", a sustainable and rene'wable resource in Asia.
    No chemicals are added in the production process, which results in a 100% eco-friendly and naturally compostable /biodegradable product.
    Each piece is coated in a thin layer of natural wax which eliminates any dry "wooden" taste.
    NZ$ 139.31 Carton 500
    NZ$ 160.21 incl GST
  • Plastic Knife - Fortune
    Plastic Knife
    All utensils come in 1000 pieces per carton
    NZ$ 24.30 Carton 1000
    NZ$ 27.95 incl GST
  • Wasara Knife 16.5cm - Epicure
    WASARA Bamboo Cutlery
    This beautiful elegantly formed bamboo cutlery is designed to pair with the WASARA plates and bowls. It has a clever slot on the side so you can attach it to any piece during use. Once finished with it can be discarded into the compost or landfill with the knowledge it will break down safely.
    NZ$ 150.00 Carton 250
    NZ$ 172.50 incl GST

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