Nitrile Gloves Medical MEDIUM - Comfort Touch

Nitrile Gloves Medical MEDIUM - Comfort Touch
COMFORT TOUCH Nitrile gloves provide excellent donning and comfort. The wide
thumb ball area combined with a soft nitrile formulation ensures extended comfort and less hand fatigue.

COMFORT TOUCH Nitrile has a textured finger tips yet a smooth back providing excellent grip and easy double donning.

COMFORT TOUCH Nitrile gloves, you can feel the difference

Textured fingertips
Shaped to fit
Comfort fit

• Thinner and shaped finger pads improving finger
sensitivity and facilitating the ability to tie sutures.
• Textured under finger surface and palm for maximum grip.
• Smooth upper hand surface.
• Graduated and textured palm thickness.
• Relocated thumb ball reduces working pressures of the glove during procedures.
• Mild textured finish.
• Secure handling of instruments in wet and dry conditions.
• Constant and stringent monitoring of quality and assessment of grip and friction test data to reduce batch variability of grip.


Carton 10x100 (1000)
NZ$ 164.18 excluding GST
NZ$ 188.81 including GST
Carton 1000
SC GD60130
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