Sugarcane Folia Container, 7x6x2.5in, White - Detpak

Sugarcane Folia Container, 7x6x2.5in, White - Detpak
Eco-Products patented sugarcane Folia™ one piece containers were designed to completely redefine the takeaway experience.

Certified to the Australian standard for both Home (AS 5810) and Commercial (AS 4736) compostability, the innovative features of the Folia™ containers include tear-away flaps for easier access to food, leak resistant side flaps that prevent spills and hold condiments and cutlery and a full range of shapes and sizes to satisfy a broad scope of foodservice needs.

Made from sugarcane pulp (bagasse) a rapidly renewable resource
Microwave, fridge and freeser safe
Ovenable to 220°C for 20 minutes (we recommend testing in your own operating conditions)
Perforated tear-away flaps for microwave coverage and easy access to food
Built in nooks to hold condiment packs or sauces for dipping
Cutlery caddy
Molded corners to prevent leaking
Embossed top and debossed bottom enables stable stacking
Sugarcane can handle contact with liquid and oil, making it ideal for greasy take away and saucy foods
Safe for use with both hot and cold foods
Breathability of the sugarcane fibre keeps food crisp
Retains food temperature
Grease and cut resistant
Sugarcane products are made from rapidly renewable resources, not oil
Our sugarcane products are certified compostable to AS 4736 (commercial) and AS 5810 (home)
This is perfect for:
Salads, Noodles, Rolls, Wraps & toasted sandwiches, Pasta, Fried foods & Hot chips

Suitable For:
Chilled Contents
Frozen Contents
High Grease Contents
Hot Contents
Limited Shelf Life
Mild Grease Contents
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Carton 300
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