Dome Lid for 200ml cup - Ecoware

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Dome Lid for 200ml cup - Ecoware
Dome lid with hole for Ecoware cold cups. Use with 200ml Ecoware Cup.

As the cup is designed as a water cup sometimes the lids can be a little difficult to attach

EcoCup - "It's not just a plastic cup"

Our clear cup range is significantly different to you every day plastic cup.
The plastic that traditional clear cups are made from is derived from oil, the worlds most valuable and non-renewable resource. The plastic used in our Eco Cups is made from plants, not oil. Derived from cornstarch, the world’s most annually renewable resource, polylactic acid or polylactide (referred to as PLA) provides a 100% biodegradable & compostable plastic product that is future friendly, and a sustainable alternative to oil based plastic products. The production of our Eco Cups also emits less CO2 compared to the production of traditional oil based plastic cups.
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