INDUSTRIAL Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate 750 ml - Simple Green

INDUSTRIAL Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate 750 ml - Simple Green
- Concentrated formula powerful enough for intense grime, yet gentle enough for continued maintenance of high-traffic areas.
- Clean, degrease and deodorise all washable/ water-safe surfaces in a wide range of industries including mining, manufacturing and automotive.
- Cuts through tough grease, oils, cutting fluids, built-up grime and residue.
- Not Classified as hazardous according to Model Work Health & Safety Regulations and GHS Criteria.
- No special PPE requirements for handling.
- Safe for use in cleaning equipment such as floors,
scrubbers, pressure washers and foamers.
- Dilution and application chart available.
- Sassafras Scent

Available in the following sizes:
750ml (Carton 12) - CIPL SG13025IND
2.5L (Carton 6) - CIPL SG13002IND
4L (Carton 4) - CIPL SG13003IND
20L (Each) - CIPL SG13004
208L (Each) - CIPL SG13034
1041L (Each) - CIPL SG13275
NZ$ 179.90 excluding GST
NZ$ 206.89 including GST
Carton 12
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