Cord Cover Carpet 10m x 0.1 - Glomesh

Cord Cover Carpet 10m x 0.1 - Glomesh
The Cord Cover (Carpet) protects electrical leads where they run across carpets and has the very important benefit of preventing trips and stumbles. Too often such electrical or computer leads are left snaking across a carpet and create trip hazards. Now, with Cord Cover, that problem can be resolved easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Cord Cover consists of a tough 1m long x 0.1m wide, flexible vinyl strip with carpet-gripping Velcro along both of the long sides. The cord is laid on the carpet and the Cord Cover placed over the cord with the Velcro attaching the cover to the carpet on either side of the cord. In addition to the standard 1m lengths, it is also available in rolls of 10m and 30m for cutting to length as required.

Suitable for use on loop pile carpet.

Suitable Environment Dry – suitable for Loop Pile Carpet only
Compound: Rubber
Customisation: Level available in standard sizes
Colour: Black
Thickness: 10mm

10m x 0.1m (Length x Width)
NZ$ 40.52 excluding GST
NZ$ 46.60 including GST
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