Bin caddie MaxAir (fits 8Ltr Liner) - BioBag

Bin caddie MaxAir (fits 8Ltr Liner) - BioBag
MaxAir Bin, the worlds best kitchen food scrap collection system, removes the yuck factor. Use with 8L certified compostable liner. It consists of a small-ventilated bin with a unique BioBag liner made from starch based material designed to 'breath', allowing oxygen to reach the organic waste so the contents decomposition aerobically. This minimizes odour, moulds and flies while still an effective barrier against bacteria and viruses. Bin ventilation also allows moisture to evaporate through the bag wall dehydrating the contents by around 20% for the average family. With water content reduced the waste is better conditioned for handling and composting. The MaxAir bin is hygienic, easy to keep clean without the excessive use of detergents or water as with regular bins. The 'reduced' contents, bag and all can be placed in the compost or a green waste collection system. The bins have a flush wall-mounting slot or are typically used under or on the bench top. Everyone loves the MaxAir bin system; we constantly receive only positive feedback and confirmation that 'it really does work so well'.

Material: Recycled and virgin Polypropylene
Colour: Olive Green
Fits 8 Litre BioBag liner.

Item dimensions: 26 x 21 x 22cm high
Width: 26cm Length: 21cm
NZ$ 11.15 excluding GST
NZ$ 12.82 including GST
FP BN958100 Indiv
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