3Ply Drinking Straws REGULAR PLAIN BLACK - Epicure

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3Ply Drinking Straws REGULAR PLAIN BLACK - Epicure
Paper Straw - Regular 3 Ply PLAIN BLACK
205mm x 6mm bore
100% FSC paper

These 3 Ply paper straws tick all the environmental boxes while performing the task they are designed for. They have a pleasant mouthfeel and will not disintegrate while submerged in a drink. Fully compostable in a standard compost - commercial composting not necessary. If they should make their way into the sea or waterways they will quickly break down within days and without causing harm. 100% FSC paper and natural inks. Packed in easy and hygienic paper board dispenser boxes.
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NZ$ 112.35 including GST
Carton 2500
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