Carpet Spot Cleaner - 5Ltr & 20ltr - Green Earth

Carpet Spot Cleaner - 5ltr - Green Earth
Natural, non-allergenic, and biodegradable, GreenEarth Carpet Cleaner cleans your carpets without leaving anything behind–like harsh chemical fumes or residue. GreenEarth natural carpet cleaner is specially formulated for the removal of today’s tough carpet stains. The carpet stain removal solution leaves no soapy residue and dries completely, so it can be vacuumed away.

GreenEarth natural carpet cleaner is the natural way to get a stain free clean.

The biodegradable plant and mineral-based ingredients work as well as traditional cleaners to cut through filmy residue.


To use - dilute concentrate with cold water as below:

2:1 for heavy duty cleaning

5:1 for normal duty cleaning

10:1 for an all surfaces Spray & Wipe

Formulated to be diluted with cold water (as per Environmental Choice certification).

Spray directly onto surfaces to be cleaned and then wipe clean with a soft cleaning cloth.


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