Napkin Dispenser Single Saver - Single Unit - BioPak

Napkin Dispenser Single Saver - Single Unit - BioPak
Rest assured BioPak napkins are the most environmentally sustainable option on the market – they are made with FSC® certified pulp and are certified carbon neutral. Napkins come in several sizes, each size tailored to a specific use. A beverage napkin, used when serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres,like most cloth napkins, is square, about thirteen centimeters to each side. A luncheon napkin is a couple of inches larger, and a dinner napkin larger still. The theory, evidently, is that the more food and drink that is served, the more potential there is for spillage, so the bigger the napkin must be to catch it. Our one napkin at a time Single Saver BioDispenser provide up to a 50% reduction in usage. These dispensers have been designed to allow you the option of inserting a card with your brand and message to the customer on the sides.

- Made from FSC certified pulp.
- Select from white or natural colours.
-Our dispenser design ensures patrons use fewer napkins and touch only the napkins they use.
-Our Single Saver BioDispenser takes x250 Single Saver BioNapkins. Dispenser and napkins sold separately.
-Customise your napkins (minimum order quantities apply).

Length: 200mm
Width: 150mm
NZ$ 39.15 excluding GST
NZ$ 45.02 including GST
NZ$ 6.00
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