Vacuum Pouches 90Micron 165x400

Vacuum Pouches 90Micron 165x400
Vacuum Pouches 90micron 165mm x 400mm.

Whether you’re planning to package food products for resale or store ingredients for the long-term, our 90 Micron Vacuum Bags are definitely a must have.

These bags are composed of high-quality materials and are stronger and thicker compared with our 60 and 80 micron vacuum bags.

As their name suggests, these bags have 90 micron thickness, which provides a high quality puncture resistance.

They offer an excellent hold for light and heavy products, and even for sharp items, such as bone-in meats, kebabs, poultry, and seafood.

Our 90 Micron Vacuum Bags have a high oxygen sealing system that prevents freezer burn and keeps your food safe up to five times than any traditional storing methods.

Made of strong polyethylene and nylon, these bags can be frozen and refrigerated.

They also work well with several brands of vacuum sealers and suitable for various types of food and snacks.

Also FDA and EC approved, our 90 Micron Vacuum Bags are an ideal choice for packaging and are suitable for both domestic and export use.

Multi-layer construction - nylon resins and special LLDPE
Thickness - 90 microns
Superior oxygen barrier properties
Excellent puncture resistance
Sealed on three sides
FDA and EC approved

Carton 1000
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Carton 1000
INP VP90165X400
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