Vacuum Pouches 80micron 300x400

Vacuum Pouches 80micron 300x400
Vacuum Pouches 80micron 300mm x 400mm.

Designed for use with various vacuum sealing machines, these 80 Micron Vacuum Bags are a versatile addition to your kitchen.

They are made with flexible, heavy-duty materials that wrap tightly around your food, sealing out air and moisture while keeping the flavor locked in. The packaging materials used have also superior oxygen barrier properties that inhibit the growth of molds, prevent oxidation of foods, retain the flavour of the products, and keep your food fresh up to five times than any traditional storing methods!

Our 80 Microns Vacuum Bags are also thicker compared with our standard vacuum bags, so they can be used for storing almost any products - heavy or light - including meat, poultry, hot dogs, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. These vacuum bags are strong, durable, and versatile - perfect for saving space in your kitchen and freezer, as well as keeping your food healthy and fresh.

Also FDA and EC approved.

Carton 1000
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Carton 1000
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