Vacuum Pouches std gauge 170x150

Vacuum Pouches std gauge 170x150
Vacuum Pouches 60micron 170mm x 150mm.

Keep your food safe and fresh with these 60 Micron Vacuum Bags.

Designed to be used in almost any type of vacuum chamber machines, our vacuum bags are definitely a perfect pick for your kitchen sealing needs. Our 60 Micron Vacuum Bags have standard strength capable of handling various packaging applications.

They are constructed of heavy-duty, multilayer material with excellent oxygen barrier properties and high temperature resistance.

They are strong poly-nylon designed to retain the freshness of products and increase their shelf life.

They can be frozen and refrigerated.

They are excellent for storing light items, such as cuts of meat, fsh, dairy products, dry foods, and vegetables.

Also FDA and EC approved, our standard vacuum bags are an ideal choice for packaging and are suitable for both domestic and export use.

Multilayer construction - nylon resins and special LLDPE
Thickness - 60 microns (standard)
Superior oxygen barrier properties
Sealed on three sides
FDA and EC approved

Carton 2000
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Carton 2000
INP VP60170X150
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