Sous Vide Pouches 170x250

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Sous Vide Pouches 170x250
Sous Vide Pouches 170mm x 250mm

Sous Vide, the cooking technique loved by many chefs and cooks alike, is now made easier to do at home - thanks to these Sous Vide Pouches!

Our Sous Vide Pouches are specially made of high-quality, food-grade material that is designed to withstand the temperature involved in the sous vide cooking.

The bags are completely airtight, having excellent oxygen barrier properties to significantly extend the life and flavour of your foods, as well as prevent bacterial growth, freezer burn, and moisture loss.

Our Sous Vide Pouches are designed to meet your sous vide cooking needs, but they can also be used for storing any kind of food, such as cuts of meats, vegetables, dry goods, and even liquid-rich foods.

Also FDA and EC approved, our Sous Vide Pouches are suitable for both domestic and export use.

Safety-tested for cooking at high temperature
Excellent oxygen barrier properties
FDA and EC approved

Carton 2000
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Carton 2000
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