Embossed Vacuum Packaging Tubing 200mm

Embossed Vacuum Packaging Tubing 200mm
Embossed Vacuum Packaging Tubing 200mm 12 metres

Looking for a versatile vacuum item for your storing needs?

Then look no further than our Embossed Vacuum Pouch Tubing!

Our vacuum rolls have special embossed surface, which creates channels to remove air from the package effectively and prevent any air or moisture from re-entering.

The embossed design provides a higher oxygen and moisture barrier, which extends the life of food products and maintain their flavor and freshness.

Made of high-grade clear plastic, our vacuum rolls can be used for a variety of packaging applications - both food or non-food products.

They are tested and verified as free from bisphenol-A, lead, and phthalates, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

FDA and EC approved, our Embossed Vacuum Pouch Tubing are an ideal choice for packaging and are suitable for both domestic and export use.

The best thing? Our vacuum rolls are customizable,giving you the flexibility to create the bag size you need.

Embossed pattern for excellent sealing
Compatible with most brands of vacuum sealers
Customizable - you can create the bag size you want
Multi-layer construction - PA/PE
BPA, lead, and phthalate-free
FDA and EC approved

12 metres
NZ$ 40.03 excluding GST
NZ$ 46.03 including GST
12 Metres
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