Embossed Vacuum Pouches 200x300

Embossed Vacuum Pouches 200x300
Embossed Vacuum Pouches 200mm x 300mm

High quality vacuum pouches - a perfect choice for your vacuum sealing needs!

Our Embossed Vacuum Pouches are specially designed with a slightly raised crisscross pattern to help air draw out more effectively during the vacuum sealing process.

The unique crisscross pattern provides a complete airtight environment that prevents the oxygen from re-entering the package and guarantees excellent sealing results.

Made of a polyamide (PA) air impenetrable exterior and a polyethylene (PE) food-approved interior, our Embossed Vacuum Pouches are an excellent choice for long-term food storage.

And with their remarkably heat resistance feature, these pouches can also be steam cooked.

Our Embossed Vacuum Pouches are designed to be compatible with Sous Vide Supreme, FoodSaver, JML, Rival Seal a Meal, and other domestic type vacuum machines.

Embossed pattern for excellent sealing
Compatible with most brands of vacuum sealers
Multi-layer construction - PA/PE
BPA, lead, and phthalate-free
FDA and EC approved

Carton 1600
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Carton 1600
INP EVP200X300
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