Soaker Pads Red 70x75

Soaker Pads Red 70x75
Red Soaker Pad for meats and fruits 70 x 75mm

Ideal for displaying fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, our Soaker Pads make a perfect packaging solution for retailers and homeowners.

Uniquely made from sustainable wood fibre and double-sided polyethylene, our Soaker Pads quickly and effectively absorb the juices of the foods while arranging them in an appealing way. Its high absorbency performance reduces the possibility of leakage and contamination of food products, resulting in increased shelf life. Can be used in packaging and transporting various goods, including meat, fruits, seafood, vegetables, and other foods that require absorption of excess fluid. Our Soaker Pads are available in various range of sizes, colours, and absorbent capacity to suit any application.

USFDA and EC compliant, and thus suitable for both domestic and export use.

Super-absorbent polymer
Suitable for direct food contact, including fish, pork, chicken, beef meat, and fruits
Effective and fast absorbency
Available in a variety of colours and sizes
FDA and EC approved

Carton 5250
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Carton 5250
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