Clear Stand Up Pouches 140x220 500ml

Clear Stand Up Pouches 140x220 500ml
Clear Stand Up Pouch Easy Open with Zipper 500ml 140 x 220 + 90mm. KPET (110mu)

Our Stand-Up Pouches make an excellent choice for storing a variety of solid, liquid, granulated, and powdered foods, as well as non-food items.

They are manufactured with multi-layered laminates, which provide a high barrier against oxygen, light, and moisture; thereby, keeping your food fresher for longer. Our Stand-Up Pouches are affordable, tough, and can provide an outstanding visual impact. They come in a clear bag, providing a high-clarity full view window to showcase your products. The base expands once the pouch is filled, allowing the bag to stand upright when displayed on shelves or counters. When empty, these pouches fold flat. Perfect for space saving and keeping your food safe and fresh. FDA and EC approved, our clear stand-up pouches are an ideal choice for packaging and are suitable for both domestic and export use.

Multi-layer laminate - KPET/LLDPE
Thickness 105-140 micron
Lightweight and ships flat for easy storage
FDA and EC approved

Carton 1000
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Carton 1000
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