SW Plastic Free Coffee Cup 12oz - Closed Loop

SW Plastic Free Coffee Cup "Made to be Unmade"- 340ml (12oz) R90mm

Carton 1000

It’s time to go plastic-free.

This is the next generation paper cup.
It is made to be unmade. This cup uses a water based dispersion barrier instead of a plastic lining which means it can be upcycled or composted after use.

With more options for responsible disposal, the plastic free cup supports the circular economy and gives single-use cups another life.

100% Plastic Free - Liquid resistance provided by water-based dispersion barrier instead of traditional plastic coating.

Upcycled & Compostable - Home Compostable, Commercially Compostable.

Acceptable for upcycling through Simply Cups and SaveBoard*

Sustainably Sourced & Packaged -
FSC certification
PEFC Chain of Custody certification
Paper Wrapped
NZ$ 138.61 excluding GST
NZ$ 159.40 including GST
Carton 1000
CLO PA10110
Arriving in NZ soon

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